Securities Forecasts and Consulting

Information and Price Dynamics – Additional Stock Forecasts and Consulting

IDP Consulting Engagements apply IPD algorithms to produce forecasts for other securities upon request.

IPD provides additional securities forecasts and consulting for H/L prices upon request – for example, European or Chinese securities not represented on US exchanges. Proprietary IPD algorithms also extend to other markets with many sellers and buyers, where sales are resolved through a bidding process (bid/ask prices). These additional markets include futures and currency markets. If you are interested in forecasts for additional securities, futures, or currencies, send us an email at

Information and Price Dynamics utilizes the spectrum of contemporary data and predictive analytics, including but not limited to regression trees, random forests, cluster analysis, many predictors and shrinkage techniques such as principal components or ridge regression, and variable selection methods such as the lasso. Principals and associates of the company have experience in applications for leading Information Technology (IT) companies, such as Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, as well as the analysis of securities markets. If you are interested in exploring opportunities for data and predictive analytics consulting for your company, please describe your concept or need in an email to