Tally of Early 2021 Long and Short Trades Triggered by the Combined Growth Indicator

This Table lists trades in 2021 to date (4/14/2021) for the exchange traded fund SPY, triggered by changes in polarity of the Combined Growth Indicator (CGI). The Table indicates the entry and exit prices for long and short positions and the percent returns from the trade. A slightly unrealistic assumption is made regarding creation of short positions. Thus, the Table assumes that when a long position closed at the indicated selling price, in the following instant, a short position can be opened at that same price.

For this period in early 2021, returns of 24.9 percent and 14.7 percent are made on long and short positions, respectively, for an overall gain of 43.2 percent. The win/loss ratio of trades is 1.67. Trading on margin increases profits, so that, overall over the period shown in the Table, returns of 100 percent on initial capital can be achieved.

The prices for the trades are linked with high/low forecasts for the trading days, but profits above a passive investment approach can still be achieved by buying and selling at the open prices of the trading days when the polarity of the CGI changes.

The percentages in red are returns from long and short trades on the indicated dates and at the indicated entry and exit prices. Thus, the last entry in the Table is for a long trade executed 4/5/2021 to 4/7/2021, entered at $398.7 per share and exited at $406.7 per share for a return of approximately 1.9 percent.

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